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Spirit Queen Set I

Image of Spirit Queen Set I


D E T A I L S of D E S I G N
Leather: Triple Goddess Moon Symbol
Color: Dyed Matte Black
Cord: Adjustable Black Leather
Crystals: Smoky, Black & Crystal Quartz
Stones: Pyrite & Tourmaline
Size: Large (4.5 inches across)

NOTE: Pendant can also be worn as a head piece.

The set also includes a hand carved Selenite want and a 2.5" wide (3/4 of an inch deep) eco-friendly matte black tin of solid perfume adorned with a Smoky Black Quartz & Pyrite crescent moon set in leather (topper)and infused with 1 stone inside center. Black Tourmaline is believed to enhance the sense of smell and therefore detection of pheromones, which can result in an aphrodisiac effect.

Cr●ne C●llecti●n
☽☾ TBM 💋 ♑

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