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Crescent Moon Coven Sets


"I’m sick with this, infamous when I spit - The original bitch with the trademark lips"

Calling all Sister Witches....

I have created 13 coven worthy limited edition hand cut replicas of the leather crescent moon pendant I am wearing in my new video for "Beware The Crone". Each pendant will be scented in my new signature "Crone" perfume potion with my initials inked on the back in silver. Included in this set is a hand dipped black matte ritual candle, a hand carved Selenite wand adorned with a black witch on a broom (to symbolize ride or die) and an advance copy of my new album "Vintage Curses"1 month before it official comes out August 14th, 2015. A dark and witchy journey back to my hip hop roots with a classic old school West Coast influence. Each DVD case will be signed & numbered on the back with tracklisting and something sacred inside. The CD itself is matte black and this witch RAPS! 💋 ♑ TBM


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